Financial education campaign
The Accelerator Lab of UNDP in Argentina approached me to work on the design of a financial education and inclusion campaign targeted at women working in community kitchens in vulnerable areas of Argentina.

Many of these women perceive financial help from the state, but are often unfamiliar with the use of the debit card where their money gets deposited, and tended to go to the bank to withdraw their money in cash. The COVID–19 pandemic made it urgent to help these women become familiar with the use of basic digital payment methods.
Moreover, by keeping the money in their accounts and using their debit card to pay for their shopping, their money is safer from theft and they can also benefit from vat exemptions.

We therefore worked together on the design of this educational campaign which consisted of a series of posters to be distributed and displayed at community kitchens in vulnerable areas during training lectures, a wallet-sized foldable piece that works as an instructions manual for their debit-cards, and a digital campaign on social media.